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Reptile & African

When reviewing these tanning charges, please keep in mind that many more hours of hard labor go into the tanning of these skins than taxidermy hours required for the actual mounting of these pieces.

All skins are tanned on premises by Wilderness East End Tannery, Inc.

Alligator/Crocodile 0-10 feet 50.00/linear ft.
Alligator/Crocodile 10 - 14 feet 60.00/linear ft.
Alligator/Crocodile 15 foot and up 75.00/linear ft.
Elephant Cape 5,500.00
Elephant Hide 25.00/sq. ft.
Elephant Lifesize 14,000.00
Elephant Foot 100.00-250.00
Elephant Ear Front Panel 120.00
Elephant Ear Rear Panel 80.00
Elephant Tail 45.00 - 75.00
Giraffe capes have been broken down into three categories because many times they are not properly cut for a full shoulder mount.
Giraffe Full Shoulders 1,875.00
Giraffe Partial Shoulders For A Short Shoulder Mount 1,600.00
Giraffe Full Neck With With Minimal Or Either No Shoulders 1,100.00
Giraffe hides are actually heavier and thicker, and require more work than do most capes.  Whereas the heavy part of the cape is the lower neck and shoulders, over three quarters of the back hide is extremely thick for protection against predators and heat.
Giraffe Half Hide (minimum of 650.00) 21.00/sq. ft.
Giraffe Full Hide With Leg Stumps And Neck Only 2,500.00 - 4,500.00
Giraffe, this is practically a lifesize without the head and four feet.  They are very difficult to handle and maneuver once they are wet.
Giraffe Full Hide With No Lower Legs & Hooves 4,000.00
Giraffe Lifesize 5,000.00 - 7,500.00
Giraffe Hoof With Partial Leg 95.00
Giraffe Tail 40.00
Hippo Cape 1,975.00
Hippo Half Hide (minimum 1,000.00) 27.00/sq. ft.
Hippo Full Hide Without Head & Hooves (minimum 2,000.00) 27.00/sq. ft.
Hippo Lifesize 10,000.00
Hippo Hoof 90.00
Hippo Tail 90.00
Rhinos are the most difficult of all to tan.  The weight and bulkiness makes them very difficult to handle plus the hide is very tough and time consuming to shave thin.
Rhino Cape 2,600.00
Rhino Half Hide (minimum of 1,000.00) 28.00/sq. ft.
Rhino Lifesize 11,000.00
Rhino Hoof 90.00
Rhino Tail 65.00