Wilderness East End Tannery Inc.
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Manorville, NY  11949
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Please send only the skins you are prepared to pay for within 10 days after we invoice them.  We can no longer store finished orders, and will start refusing to accept orders from companies with delinquent accounts.


* We have no control over any skin or trophy prior to our receiving it for fur dressing.  Many factors have a definite effect on the final results of fur dressing such as prime-ness, time of year, climatic conditions (hot or cold), and care given the skin or trophy in the field when it was taken.  Occasionally a skin will not fur dress or goes to pieces in the fur dressing due to improper handling before shipment to us or because of some defect in the skin for which we cannot assume any responsibility or offer any guarantee.
* Please send only the skins you are prepared to pay for within 10 days after we invoice them.  We can no longer store finished orders, and will start refusing to accept orders from companies with delinquent accounts.
* There will be a minimum order fee of $25 plus return freight charges.

Prices subject to change without notice.

There will be a minimum order fee of $25 plus return freight charges.

Shipping Instructions:
* Always include your company name with full address and phone number.
* Put full business name and address on each package shipped.
* Always include a list of items and number of each item that were shipped.
* Do not throw a list in the box with raw skins, where it will get grease and blood saturated and will there for be unreadable.  Enclose it in a small plastic bag (if put inside the box) or tape an envelope to outside of box with list in the envelope.
* Always list the total number of boxes in each shipment.
* If more than one box is shipped, always mark on the box which number it is of the total number shipped.  (Example:  if six boxes were shipped, on the first write "1 of 6", next box write "2 of 6", next box "3 of 6", etc. up to "6 of 6").  This lets us know how many were shipped and if one is not delivered that day, we will know which one is missing and will take proper steps to locate it.
* Always use only one of our packing lists per shipment.  Never put a list in every box in the same shipment.  Always send one list per shipment with all the skins listed on that one sheet, and the total number of boxes listed on that one sheet.
* Never attach staples, nails, wires, or plastic coated wires to the skins.  All tags (with the exception of tags on our ear butts) will be removed by us in order to shave every square inch of the skin.  If you must tag skins during the drying process to keep them identified, use string or the plastic electrical wire ties.  These will also be removed by us once we process the skins.  So, once you punch your hides for your identification, we would appreciate it if you would remove all tags.
* All orders are to be shipped to: Wilderness East End Tannery freight prepaid.
* SHIP ONLY DRY SALTED HIDES.  Wet salted hides will spoil if stored, and all skins must be stored until they are tanned.
* All return orders will be shipped UPS unless customer request in writing an alternative shipping method.

Payment Policies:
Upon receiving your order, you will be mailed an acknowledgment listing all types and numbers of hides received.  Please notify our office within ten (10) days after receiving your acknowledgments if there are any discrepancies.  Orders shipped C.O.D. or put on Master card or Visa, please notify our office with the proper information.  A fee of $50 will be charged for all returned (bounced) checks.

Extra Charge policy:
* All skins with no feet will be charged 80% of life size price.
* All 1/2 life size hides will be charged 70% of life size price.
* All skins cased or dorsal cut will be charged an additional 15%.
* Additional charges will be added to all capes with shoulders longer than needed for a normal shoulder mount at a rate of;
$10.00 deer size, $30.00 caribou & elk size, $40.00 moose size.

Damage policy:
Salted and dried capes, and life size have a tendency for getting cracked lips, legs, tails, ears, muzzles during shipping and handling.  Occasionally tanneries cut holes and machines make rips.  Very seldom is any damage so great that it cannot be mounted.  Please do not phone the office over these minor damages.  We are wholesale tanners to Taxidermists only.  Any taxidermist with a needle and thread should be able to repair split ears, torn lips, small holes and rips.  Occasionally, ear butts become entangled with other capes in tumbling, and rip out the entire ear.  When this happens, we will send back the inner ear, or a replacement inner ear, but will not repair the separation, nor replace the cape.

Extra Charges On Unturned Faces:
A column appearing on our pricing sheets is for a job supposedly done by the taxidermist or guide, but on many occasions is left undone when sent to the tannery.  This new charge will be for splitting nostrils, lips, eyes, and separating whisker roots on big cats.  It also includes cleaning the red meat from around these areas except the whisker roots.  If this job has been poorly done before received by us, but we feel the face area will still tan-out properly, we will not touch these areas, nor will we charge extra.  Should we feel this area has not been opened up enough and will result in raw areas after tanning, we will then spend time on correctly doing the job and we will charge for it.  We sometimes spend additional 30 to 60 minutes extra on some animals when the faces haven't been opened up.  Many animals that we often find to need additional work on the faces are: caribou, bears, boar/peccary and all African, especially hartebeest, blesbucks, big cats, wathogs, wildebeests and zebras.  These are the most common, yet any and all capes needing this work will be charged to the customer.

If items such as TAILS, HOOVES, and SCROTUMS are lost, they will not hold up an order nor will they be replaced.  Wilderness East End Tannery will no longer accept responsibility for hides that have not been coded with a taxidermist punch code.  Any calls from the taxidermist such as "wrong hide received", or "its not the one I sent in" that have not been customer punched coded will not be the responsibility of Wilderness east End Tannery to clear up.

Important Suggestions:
* Bear claws.  Should bear claws come off in the tumbling process, we will make every effort to locate and return them with the hide.  In some cases, all claws cannot be found and therefore cannot be returned.  For your own protection, we suggest claws, especially browns, grizzlies, and cinnamons be wired onto the cores.
* Fur Tails.  Tails on most fur skins generally lose hair during the tanning if they have not been split and salt dried.
* Taxidermist Code Punches.  We suggest all taxidermists punch each and every hide with their own type of code punch.  This aids us in identifying your skin if our own punch becomes distorted or illegible.
* If you send in only one hide or one hundred, please code punch all of your skins.

Coding Of Hides:
It is very crucial that all hides be coded with a hide punching tool before they are shipped to be tanned.  It is equally as important that the code not be in the area that we use.  Our "code areas" are shown below.  One thing to remember when coding hides is that you should not use a large diameter punch when coding small game (all small fur bearers), and/or hides with long wooly hair.  If you do so, these large holes in the hide will cause the hair to matt and knot up on the fur side of the hole.  Therefore, when coding or punching small game and/or long-haired, wooly hides, please use a tiny punch about the size of a sewing needle.

Attention Taxidermists:  areas we use to punch our code in your hide (lower right hand side).
Please do not put your code in our area.